Daphne Rubin-Vega


Concert video

Daphne and her band's performance of "Angel Now" at the Cutting Room in NYC.

Audio books

Daphne narrates the audiobook of the novel Upon a Quincineara by Julia Alvarez.

finding miracles Daphne narrates the audio book of the novel Finding Miracles by Julia Alvarez.

13 senses Daphne narrates the audio book of the novel Thirteen Senses by Victor Villasenor.

TV appearances

Watch Daphne as Carmen Mendoza in Law and Order: Criminal Intent season 7 episode 10 "Senseless" on Amazon.com Video On Demand.

quiet time Daphne on Sesame Street - Quiet Time is available on DVD.

Discussion with cast of Rent on Charlie Rose Show. DVD is available for purchase from Amazon.com.

Performances on DVD

Daphne at Broadway Bares 17 (2007) is available on DVD.

Daphne's guest appearance at Seth's Broadway Chatterbox is available on DVD.


Daphne is interviewed in May 2008 issue of Artist Launch. This magazine is no longer in publication.

Daphne is on the cover of and interviewed inside Urban Latino issue #71. To order a back issue, visit here.


Rent the book Available in most bookstores.